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Blichfedt, a burgeoning entity in the underground music scene, crafts intricate soundscapes in the realm of Minimal Deep Tech, with a nuanced appreciation for sub-genres like Deep House, Minimal, Minimal Techno, and Deep Tech. His creations, influenced by artists such as James Dexter, Hector Couto, Monolink, Matthew Dekay, HOSH, Gorge, and Oliver Schories, are immersive auditory experiences that encapsulate the true essence of the underground.


Originating from Oslo, Blichfedt has become an integral part of the city's underground music scene. His distinctive sound has secured him spots at some of Oslo's most iconic clubs, including Jaeger and Skaugum, where he holds a residency. He is also a frequent presence, spinning alongside internationally renowned DJs at the city's clandestine events and is a staple at gatherings orchestrated by top organizers in his genres, such as Basement, Street Back Boys, and Elysian.


His sonic compositions are a harmonious amalgamation of complex rhythms, profound basslines, and ethereal textures, crafting hypnotic and enveloping journeys that transport the soul to uncharted sonic dimensions, leaving listeners in a state of auditory longing.


As his influence expands and his name becomes synonymous with the innovative pulses of Minimal Deep Tech, Blichfedt is rapidly evolving as a sought-after artist for clubs and festivals across Europe, solidifying his status as a rising and inventive force in the global underground music landscape


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